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My English sucks, doesn't it?

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UPDATE February 2011: done!!! I will move to the US in 3 weeks!! Read the story here and be glad for me :)

UPDATE: Unfortunately the worst economic meltdown since 1929 definitely played against me and against my project of moving to the US, with the support of my actual employer. In the last years it has been really difficult to be accepted for the international program, let alone for someone who's not a native english-language speaker. I'm strill trying but things are getting more and more unlikely.

Maybe you're wondering why my english sucks or - more likely - why I write most of my blog in english even if it sucks.


Answer to the 1st question is that I've never studied english at school. Never Ever: I have been always in german classes (and this is why I attended the Erasmus Project in Munich, Germany).
So, I'm learning english on my own with computers, internet, movie, TV Series and books.
"Even if you're a self-made man, your english still sucks".
That's right and here comes the answer of the 2nd question.
I decided some months ago to train myself writing the blog in english, except some "italian-only" posts.
If you feel yourself a teacher, please correct me when I write something wrong; in any case, I hope you can get what I mean.

BTW: since I asked my company to move to the US next year (Sept 2009), I'm running out of time and that's why I also hired an english teacher for private lessons. :)

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Written by orangeek

Friday 19 September 2008 at 2:57 pm

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four comments

  1. Chicago! Go to Chicago!
    With the current status of LHC (broken) I guess I will spend another year at least working with Tevatron and it would be great to meet you there!



    (Email ) (URL)

    23-09-’08 22:55

  1. uh?



    (Email ) (URL)

    24-09-’08 09:23

  1. “since I asked my company to move to the US next year (Sept 2009)”

    I was suggesting chicago out of the whole US as a place to move. I don’t know your reason to go there but I know mine and I was thinking about the fun of having an extra friend there.

    Until yesterday my hopes to go to the US after late 2009 were little, but now I’ll probably have reasons up to nov 2010.

    I know that by US you are probably thinking about north california, but think about it: very high criminal rates, wind all the time and -30C in the winter is fun ;)



    (Email ) (URL)

    24-09-’08 09:33

  1. aaah, ok, I get it.
    Well, my choice over SF is mostly for job reasons: our office there is huge and we have our biggest and most important clients.
    Then, I like Frisco and it’s in California! :)
    As far as I know, SF is highly requested for the program I’m going to attend (moving to a foreign country to work and then, after one or two years, come back to your home country) so I can’t really say where (and if) I’m going to move to.
    We’ll see!
    As for now, first step will be to pass the english exam…



    (Email ) (URL)

    24-09-’08 10:12

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