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  • Worst iPod Touch DIY Stand. Ever.
    I know: you keep saving links into del.icio.us (I can't stand the new URL), tagging them as ' DIY ', 'Weekend Projects'. And then, when you find the right time to do it, y
  • DIY speakers using Munny figures
     A very cool project for DIY speakers using Munny figures ( Flickr photoset , Instructables howto ) And it doesnt seem to be difficult!
  • A cool way to customize your room
    A cool way to customize your room could be to DIY smiling wall plugs!
  • Do you have any towel?
    If you ask yourself why the heck I'm writing about towels, check out here or here . Trough Instructables , I found this interesting project: Don't Panic! You can have Wiki

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