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  • Old style nerdy fetish
    [ " Inside DMG ", picture by drop1410 ] I'll be in my bunk. :)
  • minchia
    STS-125 Atlantis Solar Transit (200905120002HQ) Originally uploaded by nasa hq photo minchia
  • Ghost in the Machine: Jimi Hendrix
      Ghost in the Machine: Jimi Hendrix Originally uploaded by iri5 I love it. Take a look at the whole set: " Ghost in the Machine " by iri5 .
  • New York's favorites
    Hit the jump to see my personal collection of favorites from my New York pictures on flickr (" city " and " havin' fun ") I insert two slideshows to show the pictures more
  • Search flickr's images by color
    A cool service for flickr: search images by color with MulticolR Search Lab . Give it a try looking for some orangesque pictures .
  • Fiat Cinquecento Love
    Is quite a long time I subscribed to the flickr 's Fiat Cinquecento Pool . And today I found those two amazing pictures from crazyfrenchy . Lovely! :)
  • Secret life of a Stormtrooper
    Amazing set on flickr (" Storm Troopin' " from Doctor Beef ), featuring some Stormtroopers and their secret life. [ Pinin' for TH-119 from Doctor Beef ] More examples link
  • Battlestar Galactica Last Supper
    Via Flickr this amazing picture !
  • Just to rembember a great travel
    This post is just to remember a great holiday I had in Japan in summer 2005, with doubleimp, and to point your attention to the wonderful pictures we took in that month. S
  • La Libreria del Congresso e la SIAE
    Giusto per allacciarmi alla notizia di qualche tempo fa sulla legge pro SIAE che i benpensanti italiani hanno pensato di introdurre . Secondo questa, potranno essere pubbl
  • Star Wars, Reloaded
    I know, this is not a news since I wrote about that months ago . But I want to point your attention one more time to this amazing photo set we did with the folks at Extran
  • definizione di random per flickr?
    mi sono accorto ultimamente che a flickr non conoscono troppo bene il concetto di "random"... qualche tempo fa, mi stavo guardando il mio blog sul e ho notato come il flic

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