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  • The Little Brother is here
    Did you read Cory Doctorow's "Little Brother" ? Do you have kids in school age? Continue after the jump, then. [ " One Nation Under CCTV ", picture by Herschell Hershey ]
  • ite tutti a stroncarverlo nder culo
    Even if I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere (Sicily, actually), I do know that our italian government made a deal with the local ISPs to block the domain of The Pirate Bay
  • The right balance... is not what we get
    This is the not the first time I found "inspiration" from LastKnight . [ ' UnderWHERE ', CC picture by  J.Star ] This time he quotes Cory Doctorow (one of the guy behind b
  • One Nation Under CCTV
    [click on the picture to see the notes on flickr page . go to boingboing for more info - see the original picture here ]
  • Who owns our data?
    Who controls the data (our data) that daiily we create and upload to social networks? Think at your account on flickr, youtube, twitter, jaiku, linkedin and so on. Think a

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