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  • Cannon Fodder and the art of being nerd
    Do you remember Cannon Fodder for Amiga? Yesterday afternoon I had such a flash, an uncontrollable desire of listening to " War has never been so much fun ". I know you ca
  • The revenge of the Nerds
    Good ol' time when football players used to humiliate nerds in high school ... Now nerds sit in the Homeland Security Advisory Council. "Hacker Jeff Moss, founder of compu
  • Many could name them "nerds"
    Many could name them " nerds ", some would use " geeks "... The point is both of the following videos are depicting passionate, curious, smart people. People who, in these
  • The 50 skillz every geek should have
      1. Install a hard drive in a laptop 2. Perform a clean OS install on a machine with two OSes 3. Swap out the battery on your iPod/iPhone 4. Jailbreak an iPhone 5. Wire y
  • OMG! Cylon Baseship uses Windows XP!
    AH! OMG! Folks at gizmodo found out that the Cylon Baseship uses Windows XP !
  • Do you have any towel?
    If you ask yourself why the heck I'm writing about towels, check out here or here . Trough Instructables , I found this interesting project: Don't Panic! You can have Wiki
  • iGoatse is out!
    Ho un miliardo di post ancora da fare, post vacanze, ma questo ha priorita' assoluta: Finally iGoatse, the definitive skin for your ipod, is out !

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