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  • Foho... on board! [v2]
    A slightly edited version of the same video . Foho on a Ducati Hypermotard [v2] from orangeek on Vimeo . Motorbike: Ducati Hypermotard 1100 Music: Rage Against the Machine
  • foho... on board!
    My first attempt with M$ moviemaker (the only powerful PC I have is kindly provided by my company... with Windows Vista too :( ). Quite simple. Motorbike: Ducati Hypermota
  • Hypermotard: one of the best vehicles in the world?
    I can't really asnwer to the question, I'm kinda biased. :) Btw, someone invited me to add this picture to the flickr's pool " The best vehicles in the world ".
  • Ducati Hypermotard: un cannone e' per sempre
    No, non sto facendo campagna per la liberalizzazione delle droghe leggere. Sto parlando della configurazione con cui dovrebbe uscire di fabbrica la Ducati Hypermotard: sto
  • Duck hunt
    Do you know how do you feel after hitting a pheasant with your helmet while driving a motorbike at 130kmh?   I do. Some details after the jump. I was coming home after a g
  • Should I sue Ducati?
    According to Ducati website, the Hypermotard 1100 will be available in white too. They're not the first who dress that bad-ass-bike in white . That's mine some months ago.
  • A martello!
  • Make up for a Ducati Hypermotard
    As you know, I bought a couple of weeks ago a wonderful Ducati Hypermotard . Now I'm going to change its color... and here come the doubts. Which one is the best? Plain Wh
  • Ducati Hypermotard: prime impressioni
    Come raccontavo due giorni fa , ho preso la Ducati Hypermotard. Tra ieri e sabato ho percorso già circa 500km ed è tempo di raccontarla un po'... Premessa: sono un fermo.
  • Foooooooho!
    L'ho provata... Lo sfizio me lo volevo togliere da tempo: ero troppo curioso. E' un po' che sto pensando di cambiare la piccola : per ora l'unica moto in assoluto che mi a

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