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  • Worst iPod Touch DIY Stand. Ever.
    I know: you keep saving links into del.icio.us (I can't stand the new URL), tagging them as ' DIY ', 'Weekend Projects'. And then, when you find the right time to do it, y
  • You have a GPS in your phone? Continue reading
    Two articles about how cool & scary the location awareness could be. The cool part of having a GPS on your iphone . The scary part of having a GPS on your iphone . :)
  • The world belongs to us: Linux on the iPhone
    The world belongs to us: Linux on the iPhone iPhone Linux Demonstration Video from planetbeing on Vimeo .
  • MMMMH... my iphone is so precious....
    In the few days I spent in New York, I saw a lot of people with iPhones (3G or GSM doesnt matter). I didn't expect anything less since Apple is selling tons and tons of ph
  • Will the Android protect our rights?
    So, the Google Phone is finally here. I think you can say everything about the HTC G1 (that's the name of the gizmo) powered by Android OS but that it's nice looking. The
  • How and why Apple rejects iPhone applications
    Are you wondering why your useful iPhone application has been rejected by Apple ? Thanks to Joy of Tech , here below you can see the official flowchart used by Apple to ac
  • 600mb sta minchia
    600mb sta minchia Originally uploaded by orangeek Here highlighted the bandwidth usage after a 2 hour usage of ONLY gmail and google reader: 32mb downloaded and 6,5mb in u
  • Economic reasons not to buy an iPhone
    But you can always sell me your old iPhone for 17 bucks! :)
  • You really want an iPhone, uh?
    Well, at least you can feel guilty for yourself. Gina Trapani (from Lifehacker ) writes a great (and honest too) post about the locked_as_usual Apple device (the new iPhon
  • They're going to wiretap your iphone
    While you are all that horny for your Jesus Phone 2.0 , the US Senate approved the bill to extend the wiretapping capabilities of telcos (now they can legally   wiretap yo
  • Italian providers and iPhone 3G: screw yourself
    It's crazy. Telecom Italia Mobile just published the service plans (for voice, text, data) for the upcoming iPhone 3G . The plans are insane expansive and without any unli
  • Symbian as open source software
    In the last days we saw a smart move from Nokia: it bought the remaining shares of Symbian and decided to release the OS as open source software.   Here the talk by O'Reil
  • Apple: Think Different
    Just a couple of hours after we found out your iBrick can resuscitate (even making calls, Jesus!), a home-made video hits Youtube asking the hackers community to keep goin
  • History should repeat itself
    whooo, take a look at this picture. Wozniak and Steve Jobs, back in 1975, with the BlueBox device , a phreaking tool used to obtain free calls from ATT framework. Jobs sol
  • ora si comincia a ragionare... iphone hacked (again)
    Ora sembra che ci si possa veramente divertire... e l' iphone diventa sempre più interessante. Via Gizmodo scopro che l'hacker di "nome" Nightwatch è riuscito a compilare
  • the iphone is a piece of shit, and so is your face
    Imperdibile, quanto meno per lo sfogo e la volgarità gratuita. Maddox ci parla di quanto il suo Nokia E70 riduca a brandelli l 'iphone in qualsiasi comparativa...  e lo fa
  • iphone without AT&T Activation
    DVD John (più informazioni su di lui su Wikipedia ) ce l'ha fatta: è riuscito ad usare un iphone SENZA il contratto (e la relativa attivazione) con AT&T! Qui maggiori info
  • iphone stress test
    Io i miei dubbi sul bellissimo iphone di apple ce li ho ancora (in primis: umts, blindatura software e prezzo) però una delle paure era anche quella di quanto potesse esse
  • the iPhone Loser
    Non parlero' anche io dell'uscita dell'iphone di apple (e non vi metto neanche in link tanto lo trovate da soli) ma questo imbecille che ha appena comprato il JesusPhone e
  • iPhone: questi spaccano veramente
    due concept per un iPhone di Apple, uno di folletto_malefico e uno di Loz .

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