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  • seriously?
    It's quite a long time I don't "use" this blog anymore. "Use"? Update? Whatever you prefer, the point is that I'm not writing here. My facebook "page" is regularly updated
  • haircut!
    Got a haircut for the summer!
  • May 25th
    May 25th is a great day because (in the right order) It's my birthday It's the Towel Day It's the Geek Pride Day (aka Nerd Pride Day) in the US it's the National Francesco
  • Not so Young any more
    Not so Young anymore Originally uploaded by lyricsboy Some minutes ago I was in a cafe', reading the newspaper and drinking an espresso. In the frontpage: "The government
  • that's me... for halloween
    Thanks to Alessio (Tona), you can enjoy a picture of myself, dressed for the amazing Halloween party !  
  • My English sucks, doesn't it?
    UPDATE February 2011: done!!! I will move to the US in 3 weeks!! Read the story here and be glad for me :) UPDATE: Unfortunately the worst economic meltdown since 1929 def
  • A refreshing header ;)
    Just to inform anyone is reading my blog through RSS ( explanation , my feed RSS and Atom for the entries and the feed for the comments ) that I've updated my header. I pu
  • ./about_me
    It's time to rewrite this page. Hi, I'm orangeek. I was born in Perugia in 1980. I graduated in Economics in 2005 at the Universita' degli Studi di Firenze (Florence, Ital

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