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  • Old style nerdy fetish
    [ " Inside DMG ", picture by drop1410 ] I'll be in my bunk. :)
  • Cannon Fodder and the art of being nerd
    Do you remember Cannon Fodder for Amiga? Yesterday afternoon I had such a flash, an uncontrollable desire of listening to " War has never been so much fun ". I know you ca
  • The revenge of the Nerds
    Good ol' time when football players used to humiliate nerds in high school ... Now nerds sit in the Homeland Security Advisory Council. "Hacker Jeff Moss, founder of compu
  • Many could name them "nerds"
    Many could name them " nerds ", some would use " geeks "... The point is both of the following videos are depicting passionate, curious, smart people. People who, in these
  • How to be a nerd
    I don't know if it's somewhat with the jacket, with its size or with his look. But this is really nerd. This Nintendo jacket is the perfect gift for no one

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