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  • The Little Brother is here
    Did you read Cory Doctorow's "Little Brother" ? Do you have kids in school age? Continue after the jump, then. [ " One Nation Under CCTV ", picture by Herschell Hershey ]
  • Open Source should matter
    Some time ago the NYTimes wrote about Obama's addition to mobile email, powered by his Blackberry . The reporter wrote actually about the issues the Secret Service is goin
  • Symbian as open source software
    In the last days we saw a smart move from Nokia: it bought the remaining shares of Symbian and decided to release the OS as open source software.   Here the talk by O'Reil
  • Del perche' hai bisogno dell'open source
    Mi auguro che questo post possa mostrare quanto sia importante il software open source e quanto, parallelamente, possa essere rischioso il software closed source. Quanto m
  • L'impatto economico del software opensource
    Scopro da BoingBoing che Rishab Aiyer Ghosh (per saperne di più: wikipedia e i suoi articoli accademici ) ha appena concluso uno studio _enorme_ su " Economic impact of op
  • Second Life open source!
    Yippie! Il codice di SecondLife è stato rilasciato sotto GPL v2, la licenza open source! Il blog degli sviluppatori lo annuncia con un post dal titolo " Embracing the Inev

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