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  • I told you so... the Ass Bomber
    Remember when I was writing [...] they (the policy makers) let the citizen face daily the fear of a very-rare [terrorist] attack and they manage to take your rights apart
  • The cloud. again.
    It's not the first time I write about Cloud Computing ; I began commenting the ridiculous Terms of Service of some web applications to edit and store online office documen
  • SSL is not enough any more
    Apparently, SSL for our website connections is not enough any more. Guys from the Chaos Computer Club ( CCC on wikipedia , here their rocket at the What the Hack 2005 I at
  • Is it worth it?
    Via Bruce Schneier I found this paper (in a downloadable 26 pages pdf) from researchers at the New Castle University (Australia). " ASSESSING THE RISKS, COSTS AND BENEFITS
  • Are CCTV cameras really useful?
    Bruce Schneier talks about CCTV cameras and the (supposed) benefits. Spoiler for our beloved british readers : they're almost useless and a waste of money.
  • It's not about https
    The always interesting LastKnight 's blog (written - in italian - by Matteo G.P.Flora) raised the silly question you, as a nerd, heard so many times: "I can't trust online

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