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  • How Google Street View really works
    Directly from Google Japan a nice video showing how Street View works.
  • The Little Ladybug: The Good Lord’s Beast
    The Little Ladybug: The Good Lord’s Beast Supinfocom short movie - Romain Carlier from Romain Carlier on Vimeo .
  • Kickz in the teeth - carci ne' denti
    Maremma 'mpestata, ti pijerei a carci ne' denti!
  • 2 great timelapse videos
    2 great timelapse videos Timescapes Timelapse: Learning to Fly from Tom @ Timescapes on Vimeo . remanence : variance from Samuel Cockedey on Vimeo .
  • Bill Gates into Doom
    I promise you'll not waste your time watching this video. Bill Gates embedded into the Doom game for a commercial of Windows 95 and its DirectX feature. Here a screenshot
  • World Builder by Bruce Banit
    World Builder from Bruce Branit on Vimeo . [ Via ZioCharles ]
  • Sushi Conveyor (Kaitenzushi)
    Sushi Conveyor (Kaitenzushi)
  • Microsoft Songsmith: I hope it's just a bad dream
    I hope it's just a bad dream. Actually I really hope they're not going to air this commercial. Microsoft Songsmith: relax, honey, it's just a bad dream.
  • Possibly the dumbest biker ever
    Possibly the dumbest biker ever: please watch the whole video until the end. The last seconds are worth the full 5 minutes. :D
  • Priceless: wiimote crash
  • Finally! "Come on" by The Panderers
    Finally after months and months, I did it! There is this song I really like but I was never able to get artist and song title even if I catch it quite often on Virgin Radi
  • Hamster Stuck in a Video Game
    Amazing!!!! Hamster Stuck in a Video Game Watch more Gaming Videos
  • Too stressed? here's the solution
    Stressed? A great talk from an expert; he suggests practical solution to be more relaxed and productive. Check the video! :) PS thanks Alepasko!
  • Consulting Crap
    If you work for a $consulting/auditing_company, you'll get the meaning. :) [ via feelbyte ]
  • Carrotmob Makes It Rain
    Nice idea (and video too) from the guys at Carrotmob . Carrotmob Makes It Rain from carrotmob on Vimeo .
  • Copilota toscano folle
    Guardate questo video (grazie AlePasko!) di rally: il copilota e' decisamente folle!
  • UFO
    Well, in this case the flying object doesnt seem to be unknown... maybe uncommon. Flying RC Penis Disrupts Garry Kasparov Speech!
  • Frizione a secco Ducati... musica!
    Molti motociclisti pensano che sia ferraglia, altri invece (i ducatisti :) quando la sentono, rimangono estasiati come davanti ad un concerto...e' la frizione a secco Duca
  • Unforgettable
    Michael Jordan... how can we forget him?
  • Some videos
    Here are few videos I really enjoyed in the last days. The first two are hilarious song from the San Jimmy Festival, hosted by Radio 105. There are completely hilarious an
  • Shell & Ferrari: "The Circuit"
    Segnalo questo video fatto da Shell e Ferrari: consiglio di scaricarlo per vederlo alla massima qualità (oppure di andare qui per vederlo a dimensione maggiore). Shell & F
  • mmmh... novita' ?
    magari e' una cazzata, pero' e' divertente... come saprete, Apple ha rilasciato qualche giorno fa l'Ipod Video: fatevi un giro sul sito ufficiale per conoscerne le specifi

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